Lisa Chamely-Aqui, M.Sc.

Organizational Leadership & Executive Coaching

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Lisa is a consummate professional.

Having worked for 11 years in management and leadership positions with multi-national corporations, Lisa has a sound business acumen, enhanced with global perspectives. Throughout her career, she has earned not just a reputation of being a strategic thinker, but also a track record of getting things done. Given her fierce work ethic, consistent drive towards excellence and natural leadership qualities, Lisa is a proactive partner for executives, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to be taken seriously and make a real difference in their environment.

Lisa is a multi-faceted individual.

Inherently, she is a nurturing person who genuinely cares about those with whom she comes into contact. Highly social and community minded, Lisa interacts easily with persons of all levels. Having been involved in music and performing arts from a very early age, she is totally at ease in public settings, and is a creative soul. She is highly attuned to the intricacies of culture and diversity within organizations. Lisa's communication style is highly articulate, yet still warm and engaging. She is able to build trust and professional intimacy easily, and is considered an “inspiring” individual.

Lisa’s philosophy and life mission:

Lisa considers herself truly blessed. She grew up in an environment of encouragement with a family whose core values - faith, service, integrity and humility, she wholeheartedly adopted. In marriage, she is further buoyed by the unconditional support of a loving spouse and joyous presence of a young daughter. She has benefited from exposure to high-caliber professional and personal mentors throughout her life. Lisa draws her mantra, “To whom much is given, much is expected”, from the parable of the faithful servant. In this vein, she gives unreservedly of her time and talent, and is happiest in service and support of others.