Space To Think

Executive Coaching with Lisa Chamely-Aqui

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imagine a space...where you are fully present in the moment, to think strategically and visualize potential... 

a confidential & safe space...where you explore, reframe, gain clarity and deepen self-awareness...

within this space...your agenda is the only one that matters... you are supported, challenged and held accountable...

from this space...change occurs, growth is attained, goals are realized...

you come to this champion of your chosen path, whole, resourceful, creative...

my role in this space...your trusted sounding board, your journeyman, your executive coach.

Create This Space For Yourself

what I can do for you

Executive coaching is the professional service that gives you competitive advantage; and makes the  difference between competence and excellence.

LCA Partnerships offers professional and executive coaching to organizations, groups and individuals.

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what's been said

Lisa's business acumen, intuition, and ability to raise awareness combine to make her an incredible and powerful coach. Lisa is a master of her craft, and has the versatility to work effectively with a diverse set of clients and goals. I always appreciate the high level of professionalism and caring that Lisa brings to the table in each coaching engagement. Lisa is one of the best in our field, and my most trusted confidante.



Lisa is a people’s person with a very high emotional intelligence I.Q. She is very well attuned to emotional dimension in any interaction and is completely at ease in groups of varying sizes. She integrates well into work groups and has a natural leader instinct. She is very comfortable with having “crucial or difficult” conversations whenever there is interpersonal conflict. Given her strong listening skills, inquiring attitude, emotional maturity, drive to attain perfection, strong communication skills and sharp intellect, I would have no doubt in concluding that her coaching aptitude would be at the exceptional level.



Lisa incorporates each of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) competencies throughout her coaching. She is masterful at creating new awareness for her clients.  Her deep, committed listening, direct communication, and powerful questioning create a safe, yet challenging environment for reflection leading to desired outcomes for her clients.